Powering low carbon homes

Welcome to, an information hub to inspire low carbon homes, and foster environmental responsibility in design.

For both new and existing homes in any country, provides simple ideas to integrate comfortable living spaces with low energy technology for heating and cooling.

With more home owners wanting a high performance, yet cost effective home envelope to save energy, insulation is vital. Leading designers are detailing insulation solutions to maximise thermal resistance, sound absorption, and fire safety while also reducing the size of heating, air conditioning, renewable energy systems.

Unashamedly green, is on a mission to normalise low carbon living and support home owners, builders and contractors to create houses that are comfortable, that use much less energy, and that blend in harmony with our fragile environment.

Saving energy is the most efficient source of energy, reducing demand for power stations.

For home owners, builders, and professional contractors, will share innovations from around the world about design ideas, new products, energy rating tools and even the latest administrative technology to make providing low energy houses to easy.

Join us on the path to low carbon living, one home at a time. 

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